Solo Trumpet


Five Unaccompanied Trumpet Solos
for a New Century

by Various Composers 

23 pages



The Philosopher and the Sunrise
for Solo Trumpet and Narrator

by Larry Delinger

7 minutes



Twelve Fantasias For Unaccompanied Trumpet

by G. PH. Telemann

43 pages



Five Poems of Emily Dickinson for Trumpet and Narrator

by Jay Rizzetto

8 minutes



Impressions for Solo Trumpet and Tape

by Basil Chapman

6-30 minutes 


 Trumpet Etudes


Foundational Method for Trumpet
A Method for the Development and Maintenance
of Advanced Trumpet Skills

by Jay Rizzetto

97 pages



Solo Etudes For Trumpet

by David Uber

12 pages



Fifteen Contemporary Etudes for Trumpet Second Edition

by Jay Rizzetto

25 pages



An Anthology of Lyric Pieces for Trumpet

by Jay Rizzetto

58 pages


 Trumpet and Organ


King Lear Sonata For Trumpet and Organ

by Larry Delinger

14 minutes



Job Suite For Trumpet and Organ (with optional narrator) 

by T. Paul Rosas

15 minutes


 Brass Trios


Passages for Brass Trio

by Larry Delinger

6 minutes



An American Trio for Brass Instruments

by Glen Allan Swarts

6 minutes



Two Elizabethan Madrigals

by John Wilbye

7 minutes


 Brass Quintets


Gabriel's Trumpet

by Lewis Richmond

15 minutes



Florentiner March

by Julius Fucik

5 minutes



Fanfare for Five

by David Sprung

2 minutes



March for the Ark

by CPE Bach

3 minutes


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A Method for the Development and Maintenance of Advanced Trumpet Skills
by Jay Rizzetto

Foundational Method for Trumpet is a collection of studies evolved from decades of teaching and professional performance. Emphasizing the development of sound production, technique, range, endurance and flexibility, the studies will aid intermediate and advanced players in developing and maintaining the solid foundation necessary for trumpet performance. (97 pages)

Read what professional players have to say about this important new trumpet method.

Price: $18.95

by Larry Delinger (
about the composer)

This interesting and lively brass trio for trumpet, french horn, and trombone was first performed by the California State University  East Bay Faculty Brass Trio . This one movement composition starts and ends with a rich chorale with the inner sections moving through interesting meter changes. The work is tonal throughout

Price: $8.95

by Paul Brody, Larry Delinger, Robert Denham, Shinji Eshima, Erik Jekabson (
about the composers)

Five composers write for solo trumpet and the result is this wonderful collection of 21st century pieces. Each composition stands on it's own merits and are quite different from one and another. Jay Rizzetto commissioned a number of unaccompanied compositions for solo trumpet and Pasquina Publishing has selected five for this collection. This compilation of trumpet solos is dedicated to the memory of Roger Voisin. (23 pages)

Price: $12.00

by Larry Delinger (
about the composer)

This delightful composition is a clever interplay between the trumpet and narrator. Mr. Delinger, who is one of the premier American composers for the classical stage, brings us an interesting and skillful interaction of a cast of characters; the cat, a bird, a prince, the fox and of course the philosopher. This charming work will delight any audience. It pairs up well with our other publication for trumpet and narrator, Five Poems of Emily Dickinson for Trumpet and Narrator. (7 minutes)

Price: $8.00

by G. PH. Telemann

This new edition of the Twelve Fantasias is bound to become a beloved part of the literature for unaccompanied trumpet. Whether as practice material or performance pieces these striking works are filled with musical expression and creativity. Its no wonder that Telemann was the most popular composer of his time. Each of the fantasies is a multi movement work, expressing Telmann's shear musicality and genius. There's plenty of room here for the performer to interpret and to sing on his /her instrument. (read preface)
(text is 43 pages)

Price: $16.00

by Jay Rizzetto

A unique and interesting piece that will add variety to any recital.

This combination makes for an interesting interaction between the trumpeter and narrator. The poems are read in a dramatic manner and the music interplays with their natural rhythm. A crowd pleaser and a popular offering from PASQUINA. The poem titles are; This is My Letter to the World, Because I Could Not Stop For Death, There's a Certain Slant of Light, Nature the Gentlest Mother, I Taste a Liquor Never Brewed. Recorded by Guy Few on the CD, "Exposures" / IBS Records / IBS1007.

Price: $8.00

by Basil Chapman

Written for a live recital broadcast on public radio station W.G.B.H., Boston.

This colorful and varied piece presents a dynamic interplay between the tape and performer. The piece calls for a Bb trumpet, flugelhorn and various mutes.

Published with cassette tape and printed music.

Price: $9.00

by David Ube
r (about the composer)

This wonderful collection of twelve interesting and musical etudes, written by one of America's most prolific composers, has been designed for the advanced player. Each of the pieces contains "solo" passages that will enhance the player's grasp of phrasing, articulation and style. Musical contrast has been provided as regards tempo, key changes, articulation and phrasing.
(this text is 12 pages)

Price: $10.00

Newly copied edition includes "Trumpet Soliloquy for Unaccompanied Trumpet"
by Jay Rizzetto

A challenging study book for the advanced trumpet player.

These challenging etudes focus on changing time signatures, intervals, technique, phrasing, fluency of the tongue and slurring, rhythmic subdivision, altered scales and much more. Endorsed by some leading performers and teachers this book is referred to a number of times in Gordon Mathie's The Trumpet Teacher's Guide.
(text is 25 pages)

"Jay Rizzetto's Fifteen Contemporary Etudes is a welcome addition to the trumpet literature and will be a valuable asset to all serious trumpet students. The challenge of complex rhythms, tonalities and intervals will be most beneficial to all instrumentalists. I recommend these etudes very highly."
Roger Voisin
Professor of Music, Boston University
Principal Trumpet, Boston Symphony (retired)

"I have been using Jay Rizzetto's Fifteen Contemporary Etudes and I recommend it to my students. His etudes are very important in the playing of contemporary music and its rhythmic and interval demands."
Joseph Alessi
Professor of Trumpet, California State University, San Francisco
Trumpet, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra (retired)

"Fifteen Contemporary Etudes, by Jay Rizzetto, is a challenging collection of solo pieces which will aid in the development of advanced skills for the student and professional trumpet player. Many of these interesting and well written etudes would make an excellent addition to recital programs as unaccompanied solo pieces."
Skip Wagner
Trumpet, San Francisco Ballet Orchestra

"..these studies are far more than an introduction to contemporary performance. Rizzetto's volume fills a welcome spot in contemporary trumpet literature."
International Trumpet Guild Music Reviews

Price: $12.00

or other instruments
by Jay Rizzetto

An important resource for the study of phrasing and control.

This anthology is a collection of lyric melodies from opera, orchestral and solo literature. It provides the serious performer with a vehicle for the practice of essential interpretive skills. Serious study of this book will contribute to the development of tone, control, endurance and concentration. Each piece has suggested transpositions for the development of transposition skills as well as ear training.
(text is 58 pages)

"...highly recommended, particularly for undergraduate students, as a collection of melodies designed for the improvement of lyrical playing."
Luis Engelke
Editor, International Trumpet Guild Music Reviews

"...Bravo! A uniquely interesting collection of beautiful yet practical melodies for the student and the professional."
Adel Sanchez
Trumpet, National Symphony

"...a most useful addition to the trumpet literature, an ideal book to train players in the art of lyrical playing and transposition..."
Roger Voisin
Professor on Music, Boston University
Principal Trumpet, Boston Symphony (retired)

"...the budding artist and active professional will be repaid abundantly for the attention and effort spent on learning these pieces..."
Laurie McGaw
Associate Principal Trumpet, San Francisco Symphony (retired)

" last! A wonderful collection of some of the worlds greatest melodies for the development of style, phrasing, intonation and tone quality. This is a much needed addition to the trumpet literature..."
Skip Wagner
Trumpet, San Francisco Ballet Orchestra

Price: $16.00

by Larry Delinger (
about the composer)

Written by the award-winning composer Larry Delinger this piece evokes the moody spirits of the characters King Lear, his daughter Cordelia and the ever-present Fool from Shakespeare's play King Lear. The sonata is a tonal work which utilizes mixed meters.
(approximate performance length -14 minutes)

Movement titles: I. King Lear • II. Cordelia • III. The Fool

Price: $16.00

JOB SUITE FOR TRUMPET AND ORGAN (with optional narrator)
by T. Paul Rosas (
about the composer)

This dramatic piece is drawn from the Old Testament story of Job and its message of the conflict between good and evil in the world. The composition was in part inspired by the tragic death of a perfect stranger in the church where the composer works. The piece is tonal throughout. The trumpet part includes an optional improvisational section for the trumpet. The Job Suite can be performed in any combination with or without narrator or dancers. When performed with narrator each section of narration should be spoken alone and should precede the musical section. For further information on performance suggestions please contact Mr. Rosas at:
(approximate performance length without narrator-15 minutes)

Movement titles:

I. Pastorale
II. Job's Blues
III. Three Visitors
IV. God Speaks
V. Restoration / Jubilation

Price: $16.00

for brass instruments
by Glen Allan Swarts

This important trio should be in every ensembles repertoire.

Glen Swart's AN AMERICAN TRIO is a welcome addition to brass trio literature. This well constructed three movement work has influences from the blues, rock and roll and the malambo of the Argentine gauchos. It is both a crowd pleaser as well as a work of considerable substance. This piece is destined to become a classic of the brass trio literature.

Price: $10.00 (tpt/hrn/tbn)

by John Wilbye

A trio for brass and a must for the trio library.

John Wilbye is considered one of the most influential and versatile of Elizabethan madrigalists and these two pieces make it clear why. "O What Shall I Do" and "As Fair As Morn" are both from Wilbye's Second Set of Madrigals published in 1609. These works display his keen understanding of counterpoint and melody and demonstrate how he made such an impact on the music of his day.

Price: $8.00 (tpt/hrn/tbn)

by Lewis Richmond

A suite for Brass quintet in five movements.

This concert suite was commissioned and premiered by the California Brass Quintet on public radio station K.Q.E.D., San Francisco. Mr. Richmond drew his inspiration from nature and the environmental conditions of the earth today. This well written work is tonal throughout and makes use of varied time signatures. The movement's titles indicated its programmatic nature: I The Trumpet Sounds, II The Last Condor, III Convocation of Creatures, IV The Planet Speaks, Prayer and Consecration.

Price: $14.00 (tpt/tpt/hrn/tbn/tba)

by Julius Fucik

One of Pasquina's most popular offerings for brass quintet.

Fucik's marches are among some of America's favorite music for band. In a poll of band conductors, the Florentiner March, subtitled Grand March Italiana, was selected as one of the favorites. The length and content of this piece leads one to believe that like Sousa with his Free Lance March, Fucik seems to have tried to condense an operetta into a march.

Price: $11.00 (tpt/tpt/hrn/tbn/tba)

by David Sprung

A fanfare well suited as a program opener, closer or encore.

If you liked Wilke Renwick's Dance for Brass you'll love this piece! This lively fanfare makes good use of syncopations and time signatures and is both interesting to play and fun to listen to.

Price: $6.00 (tpt/tpt/hrn/tbn/tba)

by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

Ideal for ceremonial events as well as concert work.

This transcription for brass quintet of the march and trio is based on a manuscript in the library of the Conservatory at Brussels entitled Marcia-Fur die Arche. A suitable choice for processionals and recessionals or as a concert presentation.

Price: $8.00 (tpt/tpt/hrn/tbn/tba)


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